Clara Nordwall

Can a material be encapsulated and converted into a mental state?

In the collection ”Metamorphosis” the personality disorder narcissism is interpreted with materiality as a starting point, but also as a social phenomenon. The alternative bodies are presented in a three-step evolution. The first stage represents the disorder hidden underneath the surface, which then slowly morphs into stage two, to finally reach the ultimate phase, The Total Narcissist. 

Materials & techniques: creative knitting, textile dyeing, pearl embroidery, laminating-technique on textiles, weaving, patinated textiles and sculpturing of accessories.

Photo: Kira Blaker

Retouch: Astrid Lindroos 

Art Direction: Louise Silfversparre, Hedda Wallén och Lina Reidarsdotter Källström 

Hair & make: Rebecka Madera och Josephine Golan 

Model: Denzel Rhodes

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