Course:  Furniture Course

Company Collaboration: Storängen

Design: Cecilia Mosesson and Emilia Lamberg


To create a flexible coat hanging system that works for both the public and private setting.


Teo is a lightweight modular coat hanging system which is inspired by the simplicity and harmony of Japanese architecture and design, as well as Scandinavian minimalism. It is made in ash wood, and can be either freestanding or wall mounted, and its simple construction makes it user friendly and easy to assemble. All the wooden planks are mounted together with hooks which screw them into place, meaning that all the connections and screws are hidden, and the important details stand in focus. As a modular system, this gives more flexibility to the user who can customise the components and colours to suit their specific needs and taste.


We wanted to challenge the idea of a coat hanging system as a product which is often overlooked, by giving it a strong and sculptural design identity, and integrating it more within the public space. We wanted our furniture to carry the Storängen identity by taking inspiration from some of their existing products, whilst giving it a playful twist in the hook details and its overall expression.

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