The Russian Soul

It is time for functional clothing to take its rightful place on the fashion scene. But how large alterations can be made, before they lose their identity?
Function has often throughout history been the main reason to produce garments, but commonly designed in simple and uninteresting ways. In spite of this, some of them have become symbols and have been with us for so long that they have won a special place in our hearts. My graduation collection is based on a journey back to my Russian childhood during the 1980s and 1990s, where I study all the old jackets, school uniforms and the wonderful patterns in everything from carpets to labels and porcelain that I grew up with. In the collection I combine these sources of inspiration in an attempt to communicate my – romanticized – view of my childhood, at the same time as I adapt them so that they fit into a contemporary fashion context. By using deconstruction, draping, collage and my own patterns, I have produced a unique and personal interpretation of the garments typically worn during this time. The collection remains true to its origins and shows an alternative to today’s almost stereotypical image of post-Soviet fashion. 

Photography by Mathias Nordgren   

Hair by Noir Stockholm  

Make up by Mehrens Academy

Model Ella Andersson Mikasstockholm

Prenumerera på vårt nyhetsbrev