Marceau Eiko

Anastasia Jansäter

When two worlds collide, opportunities arise for development. 

In this concept collection featuring my own patterns for ATP Atelier, fashionwear from the 1980s meets up with Japanese ceramic art. This fusion gives rise to a modern and sensual look with classical elements that challenge triviality. My inspiration comes from a combination of the French actress Sophie Marceau and Japanese ceramic designer Kishi Eiko. Eiko’s elegant ceramics have defined the lines and shapes of the collection while Marceau, with her self-assurance and vitality, has brought the forms to life. 

Stockholm Fashion Week /AW18 

Photography by Mathias Nordgren 

Hair by Hårgänget Stockholm 

Model Caroline G Stockholmsgruppen 

Make up by team of Rebecka Madera 

Shoes by ATP Atelier

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