Öppet föreläsning med modedesigner Anneleen Bertels

Beckmans öppen föreläsning, mode

Öppen föreläsning – bildvisning och samtal mellan Anneleen Bertels och Linda Nurk, lektor i mode. Samtalet kommer handla om Anneleens arbetssätt och erfarenheter i den internationella miljö hon arbetar i.

The search for purity, in dialogue with a new reality

Anneleen Bertels is a Belgian fashion designer who graduated in June 2013 at Artez Institute of The Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands. She gained experience in the fashion industry at Bernhard Willhelm, John Galliano, Balenciaga, Maison Martin Margiela and Ann Demeulemeester. Through multiple collaborations she explored different disciplines by doing research and building concepts for other design fields. Her power lies in a extremely refined versus a raw, layered, sensitive way of working with textiles and 3 dimensional shapes.

To her the role of a (fashion) designer goes far beyond everything, and contains every (re)action in our life. It is an eternal dialogue with a new reality and a new state of human being and mind. Anneleens former studies of architecture and interior design allow her to perceive construction and material in a more abstract and architectural way. This architectural background still triggers her to create new ways of closing, layering, ‘building’ and binding garments to oversee new possibilities for the fashion industry. To her designing is the playground of maximizing and minimizing concepts. It is all about aesthetics and functionality, and transforming thoughts into other forms, proportions, bindings and materials.

The value and meaning of clothing and the relationships with and of objects that surround us, as well as the translation of its function in the future, is really important to Anneleen. The development of new tools will allow us to see construction and craftsmanship in a different way.

It is her personal goal to recreate the curiosity of things happening all around us, as well as the way we experience and share this experience as an individual.

Tid & plats

Tid: fredag 25 maj kl 16.15–17.15
Plats: aulan, Beckmans Designhögskola, Brahegatan 10
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