Nobel Creations 2023

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For the twelfth consecutive year, first-year students from the Fashion programme at Beckmans College of Design have interpreted the Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine or Physiology, Literature and Peace, and the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Science in Memory of Alfred Nobel. In their Nobel creations, they explore what Nobel Laureates, artists and designers have in common: the courage to challenge established methods and theories, to think outside the box, and to fuse different kinds of knowledge into new statements. The creations also give a new take on gala attire and how special occasions, celebrations and dignity can be expressed in the medium of fashion design.

”The photographs aim to maintain the playfulness of the creations and, at the same time, elevate them to iconic images. Lighting and camera angles, combined with the dresses and the direction of models, expresses their curious and delicate personalities.”

– John Scarisbrick, Photographer

The finished Nobel Creations can be seen at:

The Nobel Prize Museum, 5 december 2023 – 31 may 2024.


First year BFA fashion students interpreting The Nobel Prizes in:

Economic Sciences by
Felicia Sellman & Natalie Lindén

Literature by
Hanna Rothstein & Natalie Gurley

Peace by
Julia Broscheit & Mar Porrero Coll

Medicine by
Klara Stålenbring & Otto Bäccman

Chemistry by
Amanda Heed, Nicke Salomonsson & Unni Burman

Physics by
Arvid Engman & Justin Ekström

Beckmans College of Design

Pär Engsheden, head of programme, fashion
Göran Sundberg, head of course in fashion
Charlotte Svinevit, senior lecturer, tailoring and construction
Elisabet Yanagisawa, lecturer, fashion
Sandra Backlund, lecturer, fashion

Guest Supervisors

Maria Hahn
Bea Szenfeld

Nobel Prize Museum

Expertise: Carin Klaesson, Olof Somell, Paulina Wittung Åman
Coordinator: Elin Granberg
Light: Transpond AB
Translation: Nordén & Berggren

Clara Åhlvik, Director of Exhibitions
Erika Lanner, CEO and Museum Director

Doubble Space Stockholm

Photo: John Scarisbrick & Julia Anjou

Special thanks to

Sofia Geideby
Maurine Tugavune/Mikas Looks
Natascha och Nikita/FYE Management


The 1st year students (M26) & about the BFA in fashion.

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Öppen casting

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