Webbisage | Hjärnan – vidare än himlen*


During the Covid-19 isolation, the second-year students on the Visual Communication programme have designed their inner rooms. 

Release on Friday 17 April at 12:00. Visit the website here: https://vk21.cargo.site/

Designs of places under isolation

The brain - wider than the sky* is a course with designs of places under Covid-19 insulation carried out by the second year students of the Visual Communication programme at Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm. 

For three weeks, the students have been investigating and designing from places that mean something special to their mental inner space. They have worked with the tools distance learning offers, experimenting with different digital methods and techniques. Artist and educator Paula von Seth has acted as tutor for the course. The course is part of the artistic design subject.

Participating students

Almir Jasarevic, Astrid Askert, Elisabet Lindén, Erik Karlsson Malinen, Filip Svensson, Isabelle Sjö, Isak Hultström, Ivan Gedin, Lisa Åsberg, Lova Nyblom, Rebecka Hoffmann, Sofia Hjortberg, Viktor Nilsson.


Course Director: Thomas Magnusson, artist and senior lecturer
Supervisor: Paula von Seth, artist and educator

*Emily Dickinson


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