Virtual Craft - A digital panel discussion

Beckmans visual communication, visual communication

On 1 November, Beckmans invites you to a digital panel discussion on the future of digital crafts in product design, fashion and visual communication.

Participants in the conversation:
Jonas Johansson (Lecturer, Beckmans)
Will Easton (Principal, Futuregames)
Marie Isacsson (Concept Artist, Massive)
Lina & Louise (Double Up Studio)

From 16.30 you can join the call and test the technology. During the call, turn off the mick and camera.
Questions will be asked at the end of the call.

When: Tuesday 1 November, 5-7pm.


The event is free, no pre-registration is required.
The conversation will be in both Swedish and English.

Works of Essence

Works of Essence

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