Beckmans Evening School open for late registration

Sofia Hulting

Registration for the Beckmans Evening School is open until 21 August.

A one-year preparatory course

Theevening school at Beckmans is a preparatory training course that is given two evenings a week for one year.

You choose the specialisation product design, Fashion or Visual Communication. The courses give you a basic orientation in each field, such as furniture design, pattern composition, fashion design, photography, graphic design and drawing. All courses at Beckmans rest on an artistic foundation.

The programme is suitable both for those preparing to apply for higher design education and for those who want to develop their skills.

Apply for the Design Scholarship that covers the cost of the course

The Design Scholarship is a scholarship for those who want to attend one of the three evening courses at Beckmans Kvällsskola. The Robert Weil Family Foundation has established the Design Scholarship so that everyone, regardless of background, will have the opportunity to accept if they are offered a place.