Vice-Chancellor's words regarding Covid-19

vicarious communicator

On March 13, we re-weighted the education at Beckmans College of Design and Evening School to be done by distance.

In the case of training on an artistic basis - where access to workshops, studios and specific machinery is necessary - it is not a given that distance learning can be carried out satisfactorily. However, thanks to the tremendous efforts of both the teaching staff and the students, who come up with various creative solutions, we have been able to meet the needs and difficulties that have arisen. 

Education is our top priority

Beckmans has also received a lot of requests to help with, for example, manufacturing protective equipment for the healthcare sector. But as a university, we have chosen to focus on supporting our students in their difficult educational situation. Our priority at the moment is to be able to give our graduating students their degrees as planned this spring. This is our investment in the future. Making our limited sewing machine park available for the production of protective equipment is not feasible. Work in the workshops is currently strictly scheduled for individual graduates who have been given dispensation to the university's premises. Our machinery would not generate any volumes to speak of either.

However, we hope that industry and commerce, where many are losing their jobs, will step in and convert to the manufacture of protective equipment. That is where the capacity is, both in terms of people and equipment. 

After Covid-19

Distance learning will continue through the spring semester. As we recover from Covid-19, and society returns to a new normal, we will be ready with new graduates in design, visual communication and fashion design.

Karina Ericsson Wärn, Rector