Processing Community Day at Beckmans

Beckmans visual communication

If you are interested in technology and art and want to understand what tools are available, Processing Community Day is for you. 

-"We want to make visible all the passionate people working in the city and create a forum where experiences can meet and contacts can be made," says Jonas Johansson, lecturer in Visual Communication and one of the organisers of Processing Community Day, which will take place at Beckman's on Saturday 26 January. 

What is Processing?

-A tool for artists, designers etc. to create complex generative graphics, installations, instruments etc. in an educational way.

What can you do with Processing?

-Much! And it's been ported to Javascript which means everything works in the browser too. Screensavers, moving graphics on website, dynamic typography, interactive campaigns, show graphics etc. Anything goes! Check out the book Generative Gestaltung for inspiration, as well as their live examples!

What is PCD (Processing Community Day)?

-An event in January/February where enthusiasts around the world gather to discuss, work, socialize on the topic of "Creative Coding".

What happens during the day?

-We will have 1-hour workshops in Processing and Touch Designer, and work together on the brief from Tiny Massive, an Open Call where you are invited to create works for Harpa's facade.

Can anyone join, even beginners?

-Primarily beginners! Sign up via the Facebook event.

About PCD

PCD is organised by NAVA, Nordic Audiovisual Artists, together with Jaime Reyez, Half Scheidl, Servando Barreiro and Anton Heestand.


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