Pop-up booth shows contemporary expressions of visual culture

Sofia Hulting artistic research and staff, visual communication

Samira Bouabana, graphic designer and program manager for Visual Communication at Beckmans, is behind a newly opened visual communication booth gallery, Shoof, in Hornstull's t-track.

Shoof – a window into visual culture in everyday life

"Visual communication is a natural part of public space, where we are awash with e-communication and information all the time. With Shoof, I hope to be able to show either things that are natural for us in education to watch and talk about, or things I would like to see more of, but that don't always get space in public. Here you can pass by road to and from the subway and get to experience international contemporary expressions of visual culture, with a broad palette of questions and expressions.

Shoof means look at Arabic-Tunisian dialect. 

Exhibition on Typography 14 Oct-14 Nov

The first exhibition in the gallery, Fono-type (Phonetics),deals with typography and highlights the close connection between typography and language while visualizing the complex layers of a country's history. The alphabet can be seen as a commentary, a tool or simply an encouragement to play with language.

Digital program complements the exhibitions

Common to all exhibitions are visually strong and communicative ways of approaching contemporary culture and demonstrating visual communication such as culture, method, technology or expression. The exhibitions also include a programme of digital lectures, the first of which will take place on 2 November at 16.15 in connection with the exhibition Fono-type (listen to the lecture here). Guest is Akakir Studio (Walid Bouchouchi), a French-Algerian graphic design agency based in Marseille, which created Fono-Type.

Part of subject development projects 

The Shoof booth gallery is part of Samira Bouabana's subject development project, which in turn is part of Beckman's investment in artistic research. On November 16, she will present her project at Beckmans College of Design within the framework of this autumn's lecture and talk series Design Dialogues.