Öppen föreläsning | Vad skulle Sigurd Lewerentz ha gjort?

Beckmans open lecture

The design duo behind the award-winning book Sigurd Lewerentz: The Architect of Death and Life will talk about their work in an open lecture at Beckmans.

A unique book project

In conjunction with the exhibition Sigurd Lewerentz: The Architect of Death and Life, ArkDes and Park Books published a 712-page book, in two different editions in Swedish and English, with nearly 800 images and 600,000 characters of text. A unique project.

The book was designed and produced by Malmsten Hellberg in 2020. The following year it was awarded twice by the Great Design Prize 2021, when it was awarded the Jury's Gold Prize and Silver in the Editorial category.

Portfolio image: BT Studio, cover photo: Johan Dehlin.

Beckman lecture on how the expression of the book evolved

In the lecture at Beckmans, Stefania Malmsten and Ulrika Hellberg will break down the work on the book into its constituent parts and explain how the specific conditions drove the book's expression.

The exhibition about Sigurd Lewerentz runs until 28 August at ArkDes on Skeppsholmen. Read more about the exhibition here.

About Malmsten Hellberg

Malmsten Hellberg is a graphic design studio in Stockholm founded by Stefania Malmsten and Ulrika Hellberg in 2013. Based on a deep understanding of each assignment, and with a clear methodology, they create sympathetic and sophisticated solutions for books and magazines, film graphics, exhibitions and graphic identities. Clients include museums, book publishers, design companies, architecture firms and film production companies. 

Stefania Malmsten is also a lecturer in the Visual Communication programme at Beckmans.

Time & Place

When: 29 March at 16.15
Where: Aulan, Beckmans Designhögskola, Brahegatan 10.
No pre-registration needed.



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