Erasmus+ for teachers and staff

Erasmus+, for teachers and/or staff at Beckmans School of Design

As a teacher or staff member, you can apply for funding to teach or attend courses at an institution in another country, provided that the institution is a member of Erasmus+.
Please note that Erasmus+ funding must be applied for and granted before you travel, it cannot be applied for afterwards.
The breakdown between the amounts granted to students and teachers/other staff is 80/20.

Support for teaching or attending a course

Step 1 - First contact/request/application to Beckmans Design School
If you have contact with a higher education institution; make an application to Beckmans Design School for support here

Step 2 - If you are awarded funding
Language test: if your stay is longer than two weeks, you will need to take a language test, called an OLS (Online Linguistic Support) test, at the EU Academy before the agreement is signed.
Link to the language test

The test takes about 1 hour. If the host organisation/company has language requirements, your results will help them.
If there are no language requirements, the test aims to give you an idea of your level before you leave.
When you return home, you can take another voluntary test to see for yourself whether you have improved your language skills. This test is not compulsory.

Step 3 - Agreement and signing
The agreement between yourself, Beckmans School of Design and the company/organisation is signed by all parties.

For advice on your application, please contact Lisa Daram, External Relations: