Norwegian award to Beckmanslektor

vicarious communicator staff

Periscope is one of the journals of the year 2019 in Norway. Behind the graphic design we find Beckmans lecturer Peter Ström, one half of the studio Konst &teknik.

The magazine, which deals with art and is aimed at children and young people, is praised both for its content and its visual expression.

Periscope is an interdisciplinary online journal on art for children and young people, with a serious and playful approach to the subject and different themes. With a visually colored expression and by using good writers where they consciously switch between young and established voices, the magazine cultivates its own critical child and youth perspective. In this way, the time gap fills an important hole in the public conversation about art for children and young people. Congratulations! 

Editor-in-chief: Maren Ørstavik
Graphic Design: Art & Technology