Modevisning på Nordiska museet

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13 collection concepts developed in collaboration with Swedish fashion companies will be displayed in a fashion show at the Nordic Museum on February 18.

The Window Shopping – Fashion Collaboration project, which was shown at fashion week in Copenhagen at the end of January, is coming to Stockholm and the Nordic Museum. 

The final-year students at Mode have collaborated with six Swedish fashion companies, all of which work forward-looking with sustainability; Axel Arigato, Filippa K, Hope, House of Dagmar, Nudie Jeans and Rave Review. In the collections, students interpret the brands based on their own creative ideas and aesthetics, thus creating new synergies.

Fashion show Tuesday, February 18

Time: 15.00 (admission), viewing starts at 15.30
Place: Nordic Museum
The show is open to the public. The museum has free admission between 13.00-17.00 on Tuesdays.

Participating students

Fashion: Alida Almberg Bard, Alva Lingestål, Anna-Karin Friberg, Clara Nordwall, Ebba Eriksson, Eli Solberg, Emilia Utbult, Frida Nilsson, Jade Cropper Anér, Lisa Jacobsson, Rita Roslin, Robin Stenberg and Robin Söderholm.

Visual communication: Adam Siversen Ljung, Anna Knutsson, Felix Scheynius, Hanna Green Youngblood, Julius Tuvenvall and Måns Peterson.

Works of Essence

Works of Essence

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