Fashion student creates reinterpretation of classic Dior for NK gala

Beckmans fashion

Beckmans student Emily Gullbo has interpreted a classic dress by Dior in collaboration with influencer and Hobnob founder Linn Eklund who will wear it at the NK Gala.

In three days, Emily created the dress from idea/sketch to finished garment.

"It was a slightly messier version of Mrs Ulrich's Dior dress from 1948," she said. I wanted to take advantage of parts from the original dress, such as the wrinkled skirt with a button and that the fabric is in leotard. Linn and I jointly decided to use white dredge fabric to exaggerate the leotard feeling. Then I used the tub of dredge fabric as a starting point as I draped out the dress, rather than using classic pattern construction, which gave an inverted and shaken version of the original, emily says. 

The dress can be seen in the shop window at Nordiska Kompaniet until the end of September. 

Watch an interview with Linn Eklund about the dress on

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