Material (im)Perfections

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The second-year students in the fashion program have, with artistic freedom, laboured with their own materials and created experimental fashion collections. The focus has been on method and process, where the experimentation itself has led them to how the collection has taken product design. The students have in different ways related to three Japanese aesthetic concepts: wabi - imperfect beauty; ma - the potential of the space between; and kintsugi - the philosophy that the damage and repair gives added value to an object's history. It is about seeing materiality with new eyes and appreciating unexpected encounters, change and the damaged, in order to extract sensibility from it.

The show is the culmination of a course in artistic design, where students have had to explore the interplay between fashion, the body and the surrounding space.

Participating Students

Amanda Warnbo @amandawarnbo

Elin Olsson @eaolssons

Gustav Flovin @gflovin

Hanna Eriksson @hannaerriksson

Johannes Jansson @jannehackednomore

Julia Wahlberg @juliahwahlberg

Karolin Lysén @karolinlysen

Kristin Svensson @kristinssvensson

Lina Fujikawa @linafujikawaa

Linn Hermander @linn.hermander

Olivia Henriksson @oliviahenrikssoon

Sofus van Mierlo @sofusvanmierlo

Vanja Weichselbaumer @vanjawei

Fashion program

Program Manager: Pär Engsheden

Course coordinator: Sandra Backlund, Elisabet Yanagisawa

Lecturer: Göran Sundberg

Assistant Professor: Charlotte Svinevit

Guest teachers:

Erik Bjerkesjö

Ingrid Andersson

Maja Sjöberg

Marie-Louise Nordin

Maryne Rauscher

Tim Mårtenson


Course coordinator: Sandra Backlund

Lecturer: Maria Ben Saad

Concept: Per Götesson

Advisor: Nicole Walker


Photo: Johannes Hjorth

Graphic design: Adam Arinbjarnarson

Models: Ida C/MIKAs, Wictoria/FYE, Andrea Westman, Arvid Eklund

Makeup/hair: Adam Elias, Josephine Golan

Printing: Taberg Media Group, TMG



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