Material Elements 2022

Beckmans fashion and fashion show

Based on the four elements, the second-year students of the fashion programme have created experimental fashion collections using materials they developed themselves. The focus has been on method and process, with the experimentation itself forming the basis of the final result. 

- In a series of workshops over ten weeks, it has been dyed, patinated, knitted, crocheted and manipulated. Exciting patterns and structures have been created with crushed gravel and glass shards, embossed metal, plastered decorative cloths and sprayed silicone, hand-painted latex and magnetic-drawn wood veneer. A large laundry pile, two entire collections of cassette tapes and stamps, an old sail, some outdated dress and curtain models and lots of deadstock, scrap fabrics and leftover yarns have been given a whole new context in the process, says Sandra Backlund, course model teacher.

The collections were shown in product design by performative designs and a catwalk on 24 November 2022 in Beckman Design Academy's new premises on Lidingö.

Link to press photos catwalk and lookbook images here.

Participating students:
Albin Vikström, Edina Petonjic, Emma Carling, Hampus Ekman, Ingrid Norberg, Jens Nilsson, Miranda Berg, Paul Shutrick, Pierre Westerholm, Rasmus Georgiadis and Sofia Ericsson. 


The fashion program. Head of department: Pär Engsheden. Course Director: Sandra Backlund. Lecturers: Göran Sundberg, Lisbeth Stålborg. Lecturer Elisabet Yanagisawa. Guest teachers: Charlotte Svinevit, Ingrid Andersson, Maja Sjöberg, Marie-Louise Nordin, Thomas Nordin, Tim Mårtenson, Ulrika Elovsson.

Division of Artistic and Contextual Studies. Head of department Maria Ben Saad. Course Director: Måns Wrange. Guest teachers: Reich + Szyber. Lighting workshop: Hilma Kekkonen Orrell. Print/Photo: Production Annika Berner. Photo & AD: Isak de Jong. Models: Mikas. Make-up/Hair: Danella Ericsson, Alva Stenberg.

Special thanks to:
Light Trade AB, Ljud och Bildmedia, Mikas Stockholm, TMG AB, Nick's, The Body Shop and Ernst & Isak.

Works of Essence

Works of Essence

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