Teacher at Beckmans Evening School has animated to Iron Maiden's music video

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Minna Floss teaches animation at Beckmans Kvällsskola. She is currently working on a music video for Iron Maiden where she created the 2D animations.

If you know the basics, there are no right or wrongs in animation

In the music video, she has drawn the director's characters to straight lines and peeled off the details to make them move more easily. When she teaches at Beckmans Kvällsskola with a focus on visual communication, students learn classic animation, drawn on paper but also 2D animation in Photoshop and the basics of After Effects. In the end, students also usually have their own moving graphic product designprojects.

"Animation as a craft can at first feel overwhelming and difficult to access. I hope through the course to be able to convey that as long as you have an idea of the basic principles, there are really no right and wrong. By testing yourself and finding your own solutions and methods, you can find an approach to animation that works for you," says Minna. 

Interview in SVT Kultur nyheterna

Minna Floss herself went illustration and graphic design at Konstfack and after that she started working more with animation, including in various film projects. In addition to the music video for Iron Maiden, she is currently working on an animated short film with her own screenplay about a child exploring an abandoned house. 

Watch an interview with her in SVT Kultur nyheterna about the assignment with Iron Maiden's video.