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Beckmans visual communication

In the annual Beckmans exhibition Art| Advertising| Art examines students in Visual Communication the charged relationship between art and advertising.

Two forms of expression that both strive to influence us

What we consider art and advertising today are historically relatively new phenomena. The modern concept of art and advertising emerged around the same time at the end of the 18th century and has since had a forked and not infrequently a parasitic relationship with each other. On the one hand, advertising has often taken inspiration from art or even directly alluded to historical works of art.  On the other hand, many artists have imitated the aesthetics and strategies of advertising, sometimes as a popular cultural gesture, sometimes as a criticism. In some cases, advertisers and artists have also collaborated in advertising campaigns or in art projects. Whatever the purpose, the two forms of expression have in common that they strive by all available aesthetic means and methods to influence us – emotionally and/or intellectually.

Exhibition at Beckmans School of Design 29 September 

Now, the second-year students of Visual Communication are showing their work from the course "Art|Advertising|Art" in an exhibition at Beckman Design School on 29-30 September. In the course, which has lasted three weeks, the students have conducted artistic investigations based on their own reflections on the similarities and differences between art and advertising and the methods the different genres use to create an impact.

Opening hours & location

Opening Thursday 29 September at 4-7 pm.
Other opening hours:

Beckmans Designhögskola, Agavägen 54, Lidingö 


Participating students

Andreas Rehnberg, Caroline Hallersjö, Ernst Lilja, Gabriel Ankar, Greta Gustafsson, Jonas Hemlin, Justus Skördeman, Klara Viridén, Linnea Arminda Birkelund, Ludvig Wänelöf, Mauritz Larsson, Oscar Hagberg, Rebecca Lagerstedt, Salmah Jumbe and Ted Söderberg.


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