Interviews with Beckman lecturers and Beckman alumni in Resumé's latest quarterly magazine.


In Resumé's new quarterly magazine, interviews are found important for the contemporary discussion about design. Beckmans alumni Kitty Schumacher talks about the view of the advertising industry in her generation.

"We have also talked to his daughter Kitty, who left Beckmans a few years ago and now works as a photographer in Berlin. She sometimes does advertising jobs but says that many of her friends would never imagine working for an agency."

And Stefania Malmsten, Senior Lecturer at Visual Communication at Beckman College of Design, gives his views on crisis design, among other things.
"But creative expression does not live in a vacuum. What does recession mean? Is there crisis design? We asked Stefania Malmsten, who started her design career in the early 1990s when times were really tough."

Read the interviews below:


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