Innovation and tradition in fashion show from Beckmans

Beckmans fashion, materials

With experimentation as a starting point, innovation and tradition meet in a fashion show on November 25.

Experimentation as a basis in both collections and display form

At T-house at Engelbrektsplan, a stone's throw from Beckmans, the fashion students in year 2 present their collections. Through extensive experiments with materials and textile techniques, the personal expression has emerged. 

Several students have worked with both new and traditional materials in innovative ways. Cellulose pulp and bioplastics, for example, have been given new expressions in a fashion context. Traditional techniques such as knitting and a historical material such as fists have been used in innovative ways. The unique expression of the materials has since formed the starting point for shaping silhouettes, cuts and expressing moods.

With both humor and seriousness, the collections highlight everything from important issues in the present, such as climate change and the situation in Afghanistan, to daydreams and joy of life. Above all, the collections convey pure creative joy and are presented in a fashion show that also experiments with the display form itself. 

Participating students

Amanda Stuve, Anna Lastro, Astrid Hansson, Charlotte Backryd, Emily Duff, Emily Gullbo, Filippa Fuxe, Joel Andersson, Johanna Stannow, Julia Weström, Karolina Pettersson, Mohammad Ali Yaghoobi and Tim Makisomvic.

Art direction

Edward Ström, Eliot Siekkinen Lydeén, Julian Redaelli, Lova Rehle, Wasim Harwill, students on the visual communication program.

Teachers and guest teachers

Teachers from the Fashion Program at Beckmans:
Göran Sundberg, course coordinator
Pär Engsheden, Programme Manager
Manush Mirzakhanjan, Senior Lecturer fashion design
Lisbeth Stålborg, senior lecturer in sewing

Guest teacher material experiments:
Anne Deval, Christian Lippich, Ingrid Andersson, Johanna Törnqvist, Kumi Kawaji, Sandra Backlund, Maja Sjöberg, Marie-Louise Nordin, Marika Sandberg Bengtsson and Thomas Nordin, 

Tutorial scenic design:
Reich + Szyber


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