HOMMAGE by Beckmans at Stockholm Fashion Week

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Twelve emerging designers interpret six fashion icons for Stockholm Fashion Week AW22.

Six iconic designers gather around a dinner table. Six unique personalities - observe this honorary dinner that transcends the limits of time and space.

six people at a grand dinner
Six iconic designers gather around a dinner table.

Their imprint on fashion history becomes inspiration for twelve emerging designers, continuing the legacy of their predecessors. The end of the grand dinner becomes the beginning for the fashion students at Beckmans College of Design.

Twelve emerging designer inspired by fashion legacy

The twelve BA students have each created highly personal collections based on one of the well-known fashion brands. Curiosity and creativity can be seen as a common denominator along with sharp silhouettes and contrasting material choices.

The legendary fashion designers interpreted are Augusta Lundin, Barbara Hulanicki/Biba and Claude Montana along with the Beckmans' alumni Gunilla Pontén, Sighsten Herrgård and Ann-Sofie Back.

Welcome to HOMMAGE by Beckmans.

Fashion show & livestream

Fashion show on February 8 at Nobis Hotel, by invitation only.
Live stream at 4.30 PM at stockholmfashionweek.se

Designers & fashion icons

Asli Cömert x BIBA
Desirée Bjurinder Fritzon x BIBA
Kevin Nilsson x Sighsten Herrgård
Isabelle Sjöman x Sighsten Herrgård
Samuel Westerberg x BACK
Teodor Warpe x BACK
Thomas Wieser x Augusta Lundin
Gabriella Danerlöv x Augusta Lundin
Alice Svensson Brostedt x Augusta Lundin
Saveja Sevéra Awzel x Pontén
Hilda Landström Ferm x Claude Montana
Maya Sundholm x Claude Montana

Concept & visual communication

Concept, graphic design, film, and digital communication by Alva Nylander, Clémentine Berglund, Hedvig Moberg, Leonard Ekenberg, Linnéa Jacobson and Selvi Albayrak, final-year students at the BA programme Visual Communication.


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