Webbinarium | Forskning & visuell kommunikation

Beckmans visual communication

How can visual communication help to make complex research accessible to a wider audience?

On 18 May, Beckman School of Design will participate in the World Academic Forum Stockholm Summit with a webinar on how research and visual communication can interact. 

Starting point of annual research communication project

The starting point for the discussion is the annual research communication project that Beckmans is conducting together with Svenskt Tenn and the Beijer Institute at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts and Crafts. Vetenskapsakademin.

Since 2017, students on the Visual Communication 180-credit programme have been challenged to use artistic projects to communicate the research conducted by the Beijer Institute, which in turn receives funding from the Kjell and Märta Beijer Foundation, which owns Svenskt Tenn, one of Sweden's leading design companies. The assignment is thus twofold. On the one hand, the students will provide new perspectives on the important research that the Beijer Institute is doing, and on the other hand, the project will communicate that much of the research is funded by the surplus generated by Svenskt Tenn's sales.

Artistic designs transform complex information into a visual language

Since its inception, the institute's research on corals, the ocean, ecosystem services, tipping points, future food and inequality has been interpreted in artistic designs. The works have transformed the often complex information of the research into a visual language that is easier to grasp and can evoke empathy and engagement. Through an exhibition at Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm each year, a wider audience can see the works and through them gain new insights and hopefully a commitment to a sustainable future.

Participants in the online call on 18 May at 15.00

At the Stockholm Summit World Academic Forum, Samira Bouabana, Programme Manager for Visual Communication, talks to Agneta Sundin, Head of Communications at the Beijer Institute and Thommy Bindefeld, Creative Director at Svenskt Tenn about the project and how research and visual communication can work together to make complex research accessible to a wider audience. Sara Solén, graphic designer and student on the Visual Communication 180 hp programme, will also be taking part. In her thesis project, she explores how graphic product designcan make complex research accessible and explores new methods for simplifying and visualising information.



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