Five Beckman projects won Young Swede product design 2020

Beckmans degree2019,product design, fashion and visual communication

Four degree projects and a design collaboration, all three programs at Beckmans were represented when Ung Svensk product design 25 winners.

The two former students Lisa Lindh and Klara W Hedengren (2018) were also appointed IKEA scholarship holders for their project KOLONN, which they developed in the 2018 Beckmans Design Collaboration for the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

All winners are currently on displayYoung Swede product design 2020 at ArkDes.

Lisa Lindh & Klara W Hedengren – COLUMN

Column is an object bordering between sculpture, furniture and space. It can both create new rooms and screen off with its flexible body. In its quest for simplicity, it consists of only two materials: wood and metal. The column was developed in the Beckmans Design Collaboration 2018 project.
Ikea scholarship holders 

Jury's motivation  

A laboratory with light and tactility, room and idiom. But also a flexible reinterpretation of sustainability as a concept, with unimagined references to classics as well as contemporary art and design – from the Greek column to Alvar Aalto and Louise Bourgeois.

Matilda Ellow – Self Titled  

A graduate project from the Form program that examines narcissism, identity and anonymity within brands and design. This resulted in three vases in sand-cast aluminium and casting polymers. 

Jury's motivation 

Could this be the last roar of consumer society? Postironical comment on a debate that has become more topical than ever, about the personal brand. Self Titled is a freshly daring attempt at physical representation of this abstract theme, in an exciting play with the dimensions.

Kitty Schumacher as Desire_Lines

A graduate project from the Visual Communication program is a 3D animated video installation that charts and questions our cultural perception of sexual orientation. Characters, objects, and VoiceOver are taken from digital services that have since been reworked and recontextualized. Adele Kosman is the sound composer of the work.

Jury's motivation 

Queer cinema that propagates reflection. In front of us is a suggestive symphony that calls on us to break our slender thinking. The perspectives are reversed: the spotlight is directed towards the normative, instead of vice versa.

Tilda Ragnartz – Hot Movie New Popular FullHD 

A graduate project from the Visual Communication program is a visual study in how global e-commerce platforms talk to us, get to know us and drive us to consumption.  

Jury's motivation 

Welcome to the last sigh of capitalism, a hedonistic garbage party! The planet is covered in square screens and we wing into useless products, the natural resources of the new age extracted from the Internet. A work that follows in the footsteps of artists such as Jenny Holzer and Barbara Kruger, but with its own, distinctive imagery.

Erik Olsson as Bojskaut 

A degree project from the Fashion Programme that explores the possibilities of bringing together aesthetic expressions with practical function. Will the fashion of the future need to provide protection against external pollution?  

Jury's motivation 

Armor for the end times, where the security we have taken for granted is no longer self-evident. Bojskaut strikes an unheard of bridge between two eras, photographer Jean Hermanson's old industrial society and the time that does not yet exist: the apocalyptic future.

About Young Swede product design

Young Swede product design is an annual award and an exhibition conducted by the Swedish product design. It is an arena for young Swedish design where the need to create creative space in design work is highlighted. The award aims to increase and broaden knowledge about young and innovative Swedish design and to reach new target groups. 


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