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Carl Cavallius and Jonathan Jervelind Ensamheter is a project that highlights the versatility of loneliness. By nuancing the image of loneliness, we can break the shame and ...

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Gabriel Fager Ferrari Typsam is a web-based platform and a type foundry for Visual Communication students. The platform's primary purpose is to serve as a ...

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Mikaela Källgren Every second Swede has electronics at home that are not used. Just as many throw away electronics that actually work. Are you one of them?
Although technology ...

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Digital Garden

Johanna Lundberg Digital Garden is a visual exploration of physical and digital materiality using craft as a method. In product design of a garden I create a ...

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Susanna Lycke It's when we fail to communicate with each other - when we misinterpret each other, don't listen to each other properly or just can't be bothered to explain ...

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Strong Women

Emelie Maxdotter What does it mean to be a "strong woman"? Which women are described as "strong women"? Through a visual representation of strength ...

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