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Sizar Alexis BEL is the result of my belief in minimizing our ecological footprint today that contributes to a better tomorrow. Our ability to manage...

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Mira Bergh Edenborg Sculptural furniture that invites human interaction. The user is encouraged to use the furniture as they wish and is involved in creating the end result; that...

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Let's Talk Color!

Asta Westermark Florestedt I feel that colour aspects in the product and furniture industry are treated secondaryly in relation to product design. Color too often becomes a quick decision in...

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Glass affection

Julia Jondell We fill our homes with decorative objects. Things that don't necessarily have any function beyond being beautiful. Small decorative objects contribute to ...

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Molly Malmer In the hope of attracting a reinforced sense of presence and wonder, if only for a while, these objects offer...

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Mattias Rothman My thesis explores how personal insights from 14 years of depression can be transformed into inspiration to portray a kind of "calm out of chaos ...

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Light Study

Ellinor Sixtensdotter I like how the sun creates patterns that constantly change and move around the room. Based on sun cats, I wanted to create ...

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