exam web2019-product design


Molly Malmer In the hope of attracting a reinforced sense of presence and wonder, if only for a while, these objects offer...

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Mattias Rothman My thesis explores how personal insights from 14 years of depression can be transformed into inspiration to portray a kind of "calm out of chaos ...

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Light Study

Ellinor Sixtensdotter I like how the sun creates patterns that constantly change and move around the room. Based on sun cats, I wanted to create ...

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Back to Nature

Jone Skarbøvik How does our view of design relate to nature? Back to Nature is a furniture group in stained birch and pigmented composite material whose aesthetics ...

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Self Titled

Matilda Ellow An investigation into the relationship between anonymity, narcissism and identity in design and brands. Brands are the greatest gift that the commercial has given...

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Olivia Tognelli Brontén Very simple things can make us noticeably emotional. These glass objects are built around my childhood memories from when I was home...

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Josefin Zachrisson About to make sense. Our digitalized present has opened up the concept of spatiality. We move in both physical and digital rooms – rooms with...

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