Beckmans graduate project wins colour award

Beckmans degree2019,product design

Asta Florestedt's degree project "Let's Talk Colour" from 2019 has won first prize in the Swedish Colour Centre's competition "Prised färg".

In its degree project, Asta has investigated the relationship between colour and product design because she feels that colour aspects in the product and furniture industry are treated secondaryly in relation to product design. 

-Color too often becomes a quick decision at the end of a design process. I wanted to investigate whether there is potential to develop the design by equating colour and product design in a design process," says Asta.

In the project, she has designed various cast objects with varying shape characteristics to investigate how the character of the paint changes. 

Jury's motivation

To find the future, it is important to look back, which the jury saw asa strong value in this winning proposal. The jury associates the proposal to Bauhaus geometric shapes and Itten's colour theory, which was created 100 years ago. The abstract classic geometric shapes clearly illuminate how colour affects shape. Accounting is educational and appealingly simple. This entry inspires in an innovative way and gives knowledge to the colour schemes of the future. 

The award ceremony took place at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, where the project will also be shown in the C-hall.

Desired Design Scholarship 2020

In addition to this award, Asta Florestedt was awarded in January also the Desired Design Scholarship 2020 "Tingen på tidens bord" for her graduation project.


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