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Susanna Lycke

It shakes when we can't communicate with each other – when we misinterpret each other, don't listen properly to each other or just can't explain.

We are social beings – it is a basic human need to express ourselves and to share one's feelings with others. But sometimes it goes wrong; Sometimes we don't reach each other. As much of our communication today is done digitally, via text messages, much is lost in misinterpreted emojis and double-edged formulations.

I wanted to explore and dive deep into this through the medium of film. What happens when the verbal and nonverbal are in opposition to each other? Dance is like an extension and extension of body language – a way of expressing emotions, without using words. By letting dance interact with text and moving graphics product design I want to evoke a sense of recognition in the viewer. 

One of the goals of the project has been to collaborate with creative people who work in fields other than myself, to enrich the film with new approaches. The working method itself has been experimental – the film's script has been developed in consultation with the dancers and the cinematographer.

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Thanks to:
Ljud &bildmedia, Aparto AB, MediaMonks, Vigårda, Nightline, XO MGMT, Linda Shamma, Sepidar Hosseini, Johanna Frohm, Emelie Jörgensen, Linda Berg and all participants.

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