The Unnamed

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Sergio Castiglioni

Excessive pain and life-force in an individual and how this is perceived and received by society.

Certain individuals appear to possess an excess of life-force while also carrying an excess of pain. These larger than life personas are all around me in the community I am part of, creating their own hub of safety and liberty for their creativity, life-force and acceptance of the pain they carry. And cultural history has been shaped by many of these individuals, for example the artist David Wojnarowicz. Wojnarowicz's childhood was tarnished by abandonment, abuse and prostitution. But as an adult he created, current still today, impressive political art such as paintings, movies and texts that aimed to better the world; critique towards the government and the U.S. treatment of LGBTQ people. He has become the face of the person I am trying to portray. His excessive pain, excessive life-force and joy, inspiring everyone around him. Artistic and outspoken, and highly political trying to push our society forward. For the world is short of rebels like him.

How do I, in shapes, visualize pain and life-force? How do I, in clothes, speak of society, norms, freedom and a need for sensitivity for non-normative personas? And how do I show the audacity, and bravery to be loud and queer and totally unapologetic?

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Thanks to:
3D creators Linda Nurk and Cia Holmberg.

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