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Mikaela Källgren

Every second Swede has electronics at home that are not in use. Just as many throw away electronics that actually work. Are you one of them?   

Although technology brings a lot of good to our world, the way it is consumed is not sustainable. Despite their expensive price, the electronics items we bought last year will soon be replaced. Compelling marketing helps to speed up our consumption and products are designed with the aim that we want to quickly replace and buy new. This results in lots of electronics just lying around in our drawers. Gadgets that once entertained us are now considered worthless. 

Can I, with the help of visual communication, counteract this trend and promote consumption that instead supports sustainable development? Do our worthless gadgets have a higher value than we think?  

Re-start is an initiative aimed at conveying forgotten electronics and giving it new life. In doing so, I want to highlight the problem of our electronics consumption and encourage the use of the gadgets that are already on hand instead of buying new ones.  

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Thanks to:
Emmaus second hand, Flügger color, Ida Wessel and UnCUT.

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