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Mattias Rothman

My thesis explores how personal insights from 14 years of depression can be transformed into inspiration to portray a kind of "calm out of chaos".

In the project, I have delved into reflections on mental health. 

One of my conclusions was that my feelings, subconsciously, have made me particularly fascinated by art and design with chaotic patterns and plotting ornamentation. 

This I have linked to how over the years I struggled to put all thoughts and anxiety in more of a macro perspective and how it has helped me manage my feelings better.  The question for the project was: Is chaos at the right distance no longer chaos? How can I imagine such an abstract thought? 

I drafted a brief in which I, with someone product design They wanted to capture the feeling of harmonious chaos. My method of finding the "right kind of chaos" has consisted of a variety of material tests and experiments. They led up to my self-made and moldable "dekorterrazzo", which is useful both as a solid material and as décor on wood. 

With this material, I wanted to create a series of objects with an idiom that terrazzo is not usually associated with.

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Thanks to:
Big Image Systems AB, Alexander Andrae, Adam Fored and Simon Fored.

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