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Matilda Power Ellow exam web2019-product design

Matilda Ellow

An investigation into the relationship between anonymity, narcissism and identity in design and brands.

Brands are the greatest gift that commercial has given popular culture. They simplify choices in a complex and overcrowded market and at the same time strengthen our individuality. The things we surround ourselves with are an important part of our identity. Through our choices, we realize ourselves as autonomous individuals. 

In this individualistic society, we are said to be becoming increasingly narcissistic. We use the terms me and myself more than us and ourselves. Everyone wants to make themselves visible in the noise through emotional or symbolic communication that in itself can create shifts in our fundamental values.  

This project does not take a position in the discussion for or against brands. It focuses on the aesthetic in the labelling of products and the added value they gain through the community and belonging brands can create. Based on my own identity, I have designed three vases in sand-cast aluminium where the shape submits to my name: Matilda Ellow.

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Thanks to:
Lena at Abic Kemi, Nicke at Westermalms Metallgjuteri and Klara Forsman, photographer.

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