Back to Nature

Jone Skarbøvik exam web2019-product design

Jone Skarbøvik

How does our approach to design relate to nature?

Back to Nature is a furniture group in stained birch and pigmented composite material whose aesthetics are linked to nature. A material experimenting project that investigates how objects can communicate through their compilation of shapes. In this case, form elements and patterns borrowed from nature and what is available to find and see in nature. Each piece of furniture can be viewed individually or assembled into a whole.

The work is based on when people began to share their picture of their everyday lives in product design of cave paintings. Here man shared his representation of nature and those who lived in it. What happened most was animal motifs, but also natural motifs. 

In the back to nature project, I give my view of nature in a similar way to when our ancestors gave theirs thousands of years ago. Back to Nature is therefore strongly associated with actual doing while perhaps reminding us that our relationship with nature for many is further away than it has ever been.

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Thanks to:
Max Spett, architect, and Daniel Garnebeck, cabinetmaker.

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