Digital Garden

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Johanna Lundberg

Digital Garden is a visual exploration of physical and digital materiality using craftsmanship as a method. In product design from a garden I create a place where my own visual desires can take place.

A garden is a place of vegetation, beauty, tranquility and freedom. This world becomes a free zone for me as a designer, where I can give myself to the creativity and explore the website as a medium. The garden becomes a website with a long vertical and horizontal scroll, where the visitor can navigate between different places. Different scroll speeds create the illusion of depth while an interactive music work plays different sounds depending on the position.

By working with contrasts and combinations of different materials – such as 3D graphics and clay, vector shapes and embroidery, as well as digitally and physically – a visual tension is created. With craftsmanship as a method, ideas and inspiration are shaped into another product design or materiality, and thus my garden grows.

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Thanks to:
Aron Kullander-Östling, Lithe & Free, Samsung, Amanda Nilsson, Anton Lindqvist and Elin Wollin.