Homeless objects

Isabel Wagner exam web2019-product design

Isabel Wagner

For as long as I can remember, I've had a need to organise. Nowhere did items get collected in a disorganized chaos. I decided to investigate the phenomenon of the chaos box, a place in the home where things that don't fit anywhere end up, the homeless objects.

Through a survey where participants answered questions about their chaos box and how they related to it, I got the basis for my thesis. For the design I was inspired by nomads, non-residents who travel from place to place frequently to find fresh pasture for their animals. For a long time, nomads, mainly from the Middle East, have knotted rugs to protect themselves from the weather while decorating their mobile homes with beautiful patterns. 

In order to create a sense of space and reconnect with a nomadic life, I have designed a carpet based on the contents of the chaos box. The reddish-pink tones are inspired by common colours in nomadic rugs. I have designed an indiscreet storage unit with an animal-like product design that cannot be hidden away like the contents of a chaos box, but proudly has its place in the room.

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Thanks to:
Hitex Robot Tuft AB, Sanchis Art AB and Svenska Ugnslackering AB.

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