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Gabriel Fager Ferrari

Typsam is a web-based platform and a type foundry for students at Visual Communication.

The platform's primary purpose is to serve as a place for inspiration and exposure in font design and to contribute to the conversation about contemporary typography from a student perspective. Within the framework of the platform, students can share sketches and ideas, be inspired by each other and distribute their fonts.

As more and more people are interested in font design, this has become a more common feature in design training and in the design field. Despite this, the font-roasting community in Sweden is still relatively small. As a student and typographical interested, I would therefore like to contribute to a more creative diversity in the field. Through a social, technical, creative and formative perspective, my work has resulted in a website where interaction and typographical exploration are in focus. Hopefully this is a starting point that can live on and be updated by current and future students on the education.

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Thanks to:
Laurens van Tour, all participating students and Samsung.