Distorted Emotions

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Felicia Åström

Abstract, surreal patterns and color combinations that deal with the inner emotional life.

In my project I have investigated body paintings based on scars. For me, scars are a kind of pattern on body that we all carry with us through life. The scars are also signs of personal experiences and over time become part of identity.

I have chosen to tell you about my invisible scars, scars that I wear on the inside and want to portray the body in product design surreal, abstract patterns. The surreal feeling also recurs in distortions and distortions that I have created in the garments through drapeds. In addition to this, I have experimented with contrasts in the silhouettes, close to the figure against volume, to see how the garments can be adapted to different body shapes. The materials in the collection are also characterized by contrasts where the sheer and transparent get to meet denim and skins. By using leotards that can be shaped according to different types of bodies, I want to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive body ideal.

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Thanks to:
Amandah Andersson, Astrid Olsson Eli Solberg, Isabelle Knobel Larsson, Hedvig Bergman, Sarah Niklasson and Matilda Ivarsson.

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