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Erik Olsson

Jean Hermanson's camera lens documented the everyday lives of industrial workers. A story about community and unhealthy environments, but what I see above all is an unedited reality.

With my degree project, I want to explore possibilities to bring together aesthetic expressions with practical function and protection. Will the fashion of the future need to give us humans protection against external pollution? Face masks are already used in several of the world's largest cities due to polluted air. The shelters are becoming part of people's everyday wardrobes. What happens to the aesthetic function and ability of fashion to arouse emotions? Is it possible to combine practical function with fashion as an expression?  

During the work, I have asked myself if I can design a collection that makes the wearer feel protected even given today's troubled social climate and the turbulence on social media. In contrast to all the edited images of reality, I want to create a collection that is real to me, meant to be used and age with the wearer. The textiles have an outer layer that becomes more beautiful over time, while the closest ones to the body should feel comfortable and create a microclimate between the cladding and the wearer.

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Thanks to:
Nils Petter Löfstedt, Anastasios Lappas/Fristads AB, Ettettsex Bike Shop, Caliroots, Skoindustrimuseet in Kumla and Thomas Wieser.