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Eric Smith

With new requirements and ideals, densification of the urban environment and economic cuts, there are today fewer and fewer playgrounds for children.

Before the Convention on the Rights of the Child becomes law on 20 November 2020, I want to generate interest and attract initiatives that bring children into the creation of a more playful cityscape and strengthen interest in play and creativity in urban environments.

I have chosen to investigate the playground and children's free spaces with graphic product design in the eyes. With my interest in graphic product design and spatiality in dialogue with children and educators, I have worked to develop a prototype of a playscape, which is an interpretation of a playground with the hope of awakening creativity and imagination. It is a fictional depiction of a place that grew out of the street and plays with the tightly planned city. 

Inspired by various design tools by the child educator Friedrich Fröbel, I have led workshops for preschool and middle school children from Östberga, which has resulted in the project Stadsglänta.

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Thanks to:
Linda Shamma, Rose Hallgren, Codesign, Vink Essåplast Group AB and ABIC Kemi AB.

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