Material Goods

Elsa Ericson Ekdahl exam web2019-product design

Elsa Ericson Ekdahl

Material Goods is a project in glass and metal that is based on how fashion can be interpreted, inspired, and applied to product and furniture design.

The project is based on material experiments, where I have investigated how different techniques and methods inspired by fashion can be applied and used in design. From this test, I created a material and technology library that I have since started from.

A large part of the work, in addition to the inspiration from fashion, has revolved around the materials in the objects. How is the material and product design to each other? Can I work on creating recognition in the materials through design methods that shape them in certain ways? And can this ultimately lead to the objects complementing each other and creating a context – a look? My experience of different materials, in relation to myself and others, has therefore, in addition to the inspiration from fashion, been central to the design. 

The Pearly vases and the Pleat table are intended to share a larger collection on the same theme. In the collection, the items should primarily, through product design and materials, relate to each other, but they should also be able to be combined with other objects without losing in intrinsic value.

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Thanks to:
Oscar Andersson and Robert Mood, Collective Black. Eino Mäkelä and Gunilla Kihlgren.
Rasmus Nossbring. Sven Kimblad and Niklas Kraft, Kimtech. Peter Sjödahl, Damstahl.

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