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Carl Cavallius and Jonathan Jervelind

Loneliness is a project that highlights the versatility of loneliness. By nuanced the image of loneliness, we can break the shame and open up for conversation.   

Loneliness is a widespread public health and social problem. There are many types of loneliness. It affects young and old as well as new parents and people in relationships. 

Loneliness results in both mental and physical but. We rarely talk about it because of shame. Therefore, many people live in the belief that they are alone in their loneliness. 

Loneliness is a project that aims to nuance the image of loneliness in order to break the shame and open up for conversation. Loneliness acts as a living digital encyclopedia. It is a collection of facts, stories and places that relate to loneliness. On the website, anyone can take part in other people's lonelinesss or share their own. 

In the project, we have asked ourselves how abstract emotions such as loneliness can be visualized, categorized and communicated. This has resulted in us working with contradictions in objects and movements in different expressions. Such as an otherwise static material coming to life and growing larger in a confined space – that lump in the stomach we can't really describe.   

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Thanks to:
Aron Kullander and Ida Wessel.

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