Yours Truly

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Benedicte Eggesbø

Behold! I am Venus! I was born from the foam of the sea. I am a Goddess!!!!!

This collection is an examination of the relationship between a viewer and the viewer. Based on this, I want to discuss the woman as a construct and how feminine attributes are associated with the idea of femininity. I try to understand the interaction between a body, symbolic objects and how we see and are seen.

An important reference is Salvador Dalí's 1939 installation Dream of Venus, in which the visitor passed between a pair of sculpted women's legs into Dalí's world with women who shaped his dream of Venus. Dalí's women were wearing underwear – a small piece of fabric, but with great ability to influence how a body is viewed.  

The purpose of the collection is to visualize something raw in an exploration of materials and product design related to the body. By using images from, among other things, Dalí's works, I want to have a discussion about who owns an expression and what role a sender has in how we perceive a work or a figure.

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Thanks to:
Ronja Berg, Isabelle Larsson Knobel, Anders Haal, Linnea Sjöberg, Charlotte Svinevit, Leo Björklund, David Brask and Emma Alvin.

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