Let's Talk Color!

Asta Florestedt exam web2019-product design

Asta Westermark Florestedt

I feel that colour aspects in the product and furniture industry are treated secondaryly in relation to product design. Color too often becomes a quick decision at the end of a design process. Is there potential to develop the design by equating colour and product design In a design process?

With the main focus on qualitative methods, I have conducted various experiments to explore and deepen my knowledge of the relationship between colour and product design. My studies deal with the possibilities of colour in relation to product design, volume, surface, soft and hard edges, shade and light. The project is also a way for me to find tools to work with color in my design. During this process, I have designed various cast objects with varying shape properties to investigate how the character of the paint changes. 

With Let's Talk Color!product design. The project constantly raises questions and it is, for me, the beginning of many more investigations.

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Thanks to:
Anja Palmgren, Per Nimér, ABIC Kemi AB and Zumtobel.

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