Embodied Dysmorphia

Anne Skoug Obel exam web2019-product design

Anne Skoug Obel

Products affect our mental health and social norms. Through an interactive mirror, I want to explore self-image and ideal image.

I struggled with my self-image. I have seen how strong the different norms of society are and who I want to fight. There is a taboo around talking about depression, anxiety, self-image, ideal image, self-confidence and so on. I want to highlight these problems, so that others can become more comfortable with themselves or learn more about their problems. If the ideal norm disappears, can we become more comfortable with ourselves, no matter what body we have?

I have created an interactive mirror that distorts the user's mirror image the closer you look at yourself. This should make focusing on colors, textures or small abstract shapes rather than on the expected mirror image. As the mirror image becomes more distorted the closer you look at yourself, you should become more dissociated with your reflection and perhaps realize that you are more than your own reflection.

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