The Pill

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Agnes Vannerus Lindblom

The Pill is a campaign for a fictional male sex hormone contraceptive that can be launched at present, but for social structural reasons it is not done. 

Studies show that people who take female sex hormone contraceptives have an increased risk of, among other things, depression and reduced sex drive. By not launching the male sex hormone contraceptives that have been researched since the 1970s, the patriarchal society values cis men's well-being, health and sex drive more highly than that of women and transgender people.

Based on surveys, studies and interviews with researchers and midwives, I have investigated why the market looks the way it does and how the different sexes think about responsibility regarding contraception. 

The character Dick grew out of the insights I gained during the work. Dick reflects the inequality that prevails on the issue to question social structures, responsibilities and attitudes around contraception.

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