The Students Behind the Degree Identity Time Well Spent

Beckmans degree2021 and visual communication

This year's graduation identity, Time Well Spent, was created by Isabelle Sjö, Ivan Gedin, Lisa Åsberg and Lova Nyblom, all of whom are in their final year of the Visual Communication programme. Here they tell us about the concept!




How did you come up with your concept?

"As a group, we wanted to find a strong theme right from the start – the concept had to precede the form. We quickly began to discuss time as an obvious factor in all kinds of design work: briefs, timetables, cost estimates, hourly rates, the drying time for wood glue, the number of hours spent in InDesign, the number of sleepless nights before a big presentation. The list continues and can be made long.

"Simply, our starting point was time, as a practical parameter but also as a philosophical element in our lives as designers. By exploring the theme through film, conversation and exhibition concepts, we want to ask ourselves and the visitor if time and design have an obvious relationship. How much of a role does time have when it comes to free creation, creativity and harsh reality? Does design gain value through time, whether short or long? How do we deal with now and then, to create designs that are for the present? We hope to be able to highlight the obvious role of design in society during this year's exhibition and be relevant in everything from concepts to product design Communication in the times we live in.

Tell us about your vision for visual expression! 

"Our design choice was expressed in time and space – literally. Through identity, they are represented here and there, including as the cube and square in the films. The circle and the three-quarter symbol in the graphic pattern. It shared the screen in our Talks as a now (student) and then (the alumnus). 

"These have become cornerstones of our identity and are consistently through the concept. They can be found in everything from set design in the films to the graphic pattern, logo, web page and printed matter. The aesthetics come from our discussion of "timeless" design and the expression is a result of this with associations with modernism, sixties and clear geometry.

What has been most challenging about the project?

Finding a product design which at the same time takes place as it does not interfere with the students' degree projects, in communication and exhibition contexts. After all, it's always an uphill battle to make it go together with budget and vision in school projects. However, we are proud to have managed to create many collaborations and find sponsors who believed in the project and contributed with support, craftsmanship and know-how. And of course to find time!

What lessons do you take with you from this project? 

–That a design concept feels good from time, to breathe, and to grow. The form didn't land until quite late in the project, which we think has been beneficial. Simply, well spent time.

Works of Essence

Works of Essence

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Open casting

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