Föreläsningsserien V&K bjuder in till en digital öppen föreläsning

Beckmans open lecture, visual communication

Meet the innovative font company Dinamo in a lecture in the V&K series, which since 2017 presents current work in visual communication, discussed from the designer's perspective.

Two offices in two different countries

Dinamo was founded by Johannes Breyer & Fabian Harb in Amsterdam in 2013 and has since moved to two offices – one in Berlin run by Johannes and one in Basel run by Fabian. In the lecture at Beckmans, they will talk about their practice with a starting point in entrepreneurship and what it is like to run two offices in two different countries. 

"In the nearly ten years that Dinamo has existed, they have refined and changed the very idea of font-cracking and how a font company operates. This has not least been done through their innovative and popular fonts such as Favorit,Ginto and Monument Grotesk, but also through their humorous, curious and unconventional way of running businesses. In addition to fonts, they have produced everything from toothbrushes and clothes to the colorful chair they recently developed in collaboration with Dieticians, says Peter Ström, senior lecturer at the visual communication program that arranges the lecture.

Join us and listen on March 10th. 

The lecture is in English and digital on March 10 at 12.00. The link will be published no later than 24 hours before the lecture on https://vochk.beckmans.wiki/.

Works of Essence

Works of Essence

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