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Auction and sale of illuminated signs in favour of Ukraine in the Shoof gallery.

Through an open call to artists and designers, a number of illustrations have been selected and transformed into luminous LED signs that are now being auctioned in aid of the UNHCR in Ukraine. The initiator is Jonas Johansson, designer and lecturer in Visual Communication at Beckmans.

- For years I have been working with light, and am drawn to methods and materials that are both practical and beautiful. To challenge the format and get an aesthetic breadth, I created a call for entries and was pleasantly surprised by all the submissions. Now they are all available to bid on, and it is even possible to create your own work with our help.

See the light works at Gallery Shoof

The light works are currently on display in the Shoof gallery in Hornstull's T-bar, a gallery that since its opening in October 2021 has shown international contemporary expressions of visual culture with a broad palette of issues and expressions. The gallery is run by graphic designer Samira Bouabana, programme manager for Visual Communication at Beckmans, assisted by Isa Andersson, designer and artist.

- Neon signs are part of the urban landscape in many cities around the world. Here, we hope they will end up in someone's home or workplace and become a constant reminder that the buyer has contributed to positive development in one of Ukraine's affected cities," says Samira Bouabana.

illuminated signs in shop windows
Photo: Jonas Johansson

The auction | how it works and where the money goes

Stop by Shoof Gallery to see the signs in real life. Follow the project on Instagram and visit where you can also place a bid. To place a bid, find the work you are interested in and enter a number higher than the leading bid. If you place a bid that matches the "buy now" price, it's yours immediately. The auction closes on 26 June. All leading bids will be documented and featured on the website and Instagram. NOTE it is also possible to email a bid to All profits will be donated to the UNHCR in Ukraine.

Photo: Jonas Johansson

Get your own sign

If you are interested in a tailor-made work for indoor or outdoor use, please email with your request. This is a unique opportunity where help with everything from idea to production is offered.

Participating artists and illustrators

ssusui @ssusui_
Yellowviolet @yellowvioletsthlm
Jennie Stolpe @studio_stolpe
Stephanie Sierau @stephanie-sierau
Amandah Andersson @amandah.andersson
Marie Chanteur @ilikemakingstufff
BAM @bamofsweden
Andreas Rehnberg @ae.rehnberg
Jonas Johansson @jnsjohansson
The project logo is created by Eugenia Kukharchuk.

Works of Essence

Works of Essence

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